Why Did Vikings Wear Thor’s Hammer Necklaces?

Why Did Vikings Wear Thor’s Hammer Necklaces?

Thanks to Marvel and the ever-popular comic and movie series The Avengers, everyone knows about the Norse god Thor and his iconic hammer. Many learned of him first as the superhero character rather than the Norse god and protector in Viking mythos.

Thor was a beloved god to the Vikings, who worshipped him and even wore pendants of his hammer as symbols of devotion and protection. Read on to learn more about Thor's importance to Norse culture and why the Vikings wore Thor's Hammer necklaces.

Who Was Thor, and Why Did He Have a Hammer?

Thor is the Norse god of war, storms, protection, and fertility. He is also the patron of farmers, craftsmen, and laborers. Thor is the son of Odin, the chief Norse god, and Jörð, the personification of earth and a respected goddess.

Thor was a fierce warrior who fell giants and other foes with his trusty short-handled hammer, Mjölnir. According to legend, Mjölnir could throw lightning bolts and had the power to destroy mountains with one strike.

Thor was also a benevolent god who was powerful, ferocious, and reliable. The Vikings believed he would protect them in battle, bless their marriages and children, and valiantly defend their espousals. He was an immensely popular god during the Viking era, and was widely worshipped by the common folk.

What Does Thor's Hammer Symbolize?

Mjölnir, better known as Thor's Hammer, was more than just a mighty weapon. It was also an item of ceremonial importance. Thor's Hammer symbolized the balance between life and death, as it could both kill and renew. It provided protection in battle, but also blessed marriages and births.

Why Did the Vikings Wear Thor's Hammer Pendants?

So, why did the Vikings wear Thor's Hammer necklaces? The Vikings valued jewelry. Necklaces outfitted with Thor's Hammer pendants were some of the most common decorative trinkets worn in Norse society.

Experts theorize the Vikings wore Thor's Hammer pendants to denounce Christianity. Wearing the pendant was a rejection of the Christian god and an act of loyalty to the Norse gods and goddesses.

The Vikings also wore Thor's Hammer pendants to demonstrate their faith, and to invoke protection and favor from their patron god.

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