The Best Viking Symbols To Have on Rings

The Best Viking Symbols To Have on Rings

Symbolic Norse images had the power to protect and inspire Vikings on the battlefield and in daily life. But while many Viking symbols survive to this day, many don’t understand them completely.

Connect to the worldview of these undaunted people by keeping their imagery at hand. Consider the best Viking symbols to have on rings.

1. Runes

As in many ancient civilizations, the written word held a deep significance for the Norse people. There were three main forms of the runic alphabet, called the futhark. And the letters of the futhark are called runes.

These written symbols of language held power. Mighty Odin sacrificed himself so he could read runes carved into the base of the sacred tree Yggdrasil. Norns, deities who told the destiny of each person on Earth, carved these runes. Odin read the runes and gained their wisdom.

People carved runes to convey meaning and provide good fortune and protection. Wear runes on your ring to honor and remember the sacred power of the written word.

2. The Tree of Life: Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil was the name of the holy tree of life. This ash tree was the center of the cosmos, with branches stretching into the heavens and three roots extending afar. This is the tree where Odin sacrificed himself to read the Norns’ runes.

Yggdrasil represents the natural order of the universe, interconnectivity, and destiny. At the center of the tangible and intangible worlds, this tree symbolizes the life of everything. Yggdrasil’s significance makes it one of the best Viking symbols to have on rings.

The image of this hallowed tree is popular in modern society, and Yggdrasil itself has inspired modern storytelling. Keeping it on your ring will connect you to the everlasting quest for the meaning of life.

3. Valknut

This mysterious symbol contains three interlocking triangles. The triangles can appear with either one continuous line (unicursal) or as three distinct triangles (tricursal).

In a scene on the Stora Hammars I stone, the tricursal symbol appears above a sacrificial altar. Another ancient picture stone, the Tängelgårda, shows two unicursal valknut forms under the horse of a riding warrior. Because of many valknut depictions like these, people commonly associate it with slain warriors.

Some scholars also believe the valknut suggests Odin’s power to constrain or free people’s minds. As Odin was the god of war, Vikings hoped for his powers to help them in battle. Combining the valknut’s association with warriors and Odin further connects this emblem with Valhalla.

While we continue to glean the meanings of this enigmatic symbol, we may never know the whole story. Today, rings with these triangle forms popularly signify strength and bravery.

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