Viking Gifts for Her: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Nordic Present

Viking Gifts for her

From the fearless ambition of the shieldmaiden Lagertha, to the protective spirit of the Norse goddess Freyja , the influence of Nordic women played a central role in the success of their male counterparts in battle. As a result, tales of the strength of these women have endured to this day, and the practice of gifting Viking-inspired presents to women in the modern age continues to grow in popularity.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the significance of gifting a Viking-inspired piece to the special woman in your life, how to choose the perfect one, and the top four of our favorite Nordic pieces that you should consider.


The Significance of Viking-inspired Gifts


Viking-inspired gifts are more than just beautiful trinkets; they represent a rich and fascinating history and mythology that continues to captivate people today. These gifts offer a unique insight into the beliefs and values of the Viking culture, celebrating their strength, courage and love of nature. By giving a Viking-inspired gift, you are not only showing appreciation for the woman in your life, but also paying homage to a culture that has left a lasting impact on the world.

These gifts are perfect for anyone who has a fascination with history, mythology and nature. Keep reading to discover which pieces make our top four!


How to Choose the Right Viking Gifts for Her


Whether you’re planning a romantic proposal getaway or a mother’s day celebration, there are plenty of Viking-inspired presents that you can use to show your love and appreciation for a woman in your life – these gifts not only celebrate the strength and courage of Viking shieldmaidens, but they also come in a huge range of styles. However, with so many different Viking-inspired gifts on the market, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one. Here are some of our top tips on how to choose the right Viking gifts for her

  • Consider her interests

The first step in choosing the right Viking gifts for her is to consider her interests. Does she love nature? Is she fascinated by history or mythology? Does she enjoy travel? By taking her interests into account, you can find a Viking-inspired gift that will resonate with her on a more personal level. For instance, if she’s a nature enthusiast, you might want to consider a tree of life necklace or a wolf head bracelet. On the other hand, if she's interested in the rich history of the middle ages, then a book on Nordic culture or a Viking-inspired chess set might be the perfect choice.

  • Look for quality craftsmanship

When choosing a Viking gift for her, quality craftsmanship should be one of your key considerations.  Viking-inspired gifts are often intricate and detailed, and their craftsmanship should reflect that. Look for gifts that are made from high-quality materials, and that have been carefully designed and crafted with longevity in mind - a well-made Viking gift will not only look beautiful, but it will also last for years to come.

  • Consider the occasion

An often overlooked but crucial element of successful gifting is the occasion, and this is especially the case with Viking-inspired items. If you're looking for a birthday or anniversary gift for instance, you might want to choose something sentimental like a Viking-inspired locket with a photo of the two of you inside. Alternatively, if you're looking for a gift for a holiday, then a Viking-inspired passport cover might be a better choice.

  • Incorporate Viking symbolism

Viking-inspired gifts often have deep symbolism that can be very meaningful and significant. For example, the wolf was a powerful symbol in Viking culture that represented strength, loyalty and ferocity, while the Valknut, a symbol made up of three interlocking triangles, was associated with Odin and was believed to represent the connections between life and death. By understanding the symbolism behind different Viking-inspired gifts, you can ensure that you choose a present with deeper meaning and significance.

  • Personalize the gift

Finally, consider personalizing the gift to make it even more special. This approach to gifting is one that is highly appreciated by women everywhere, as it showcases the extra thought and care you put into choosing the perfect present. You might choose to engrave a message or her name on a piece of Viking-inspired jewelry, or include a handwritten note with the gift for an extra sentimental touch.


Viking gifts for her. A viking woman stands amongst a field of yellow flowers, looking to the side


Our Top Four Viking Gifts for Her

When it comes to gifting a present to a treasured woman in your life, we know how important it is to get things right, and if you’re giving a Viking-inspired piece, it can be even trickier if she’s already a keen Norse enthusiast. That’s why we’ve compiled four of our absolute favorite Viking gifts for her, so that you can find the perfect piece no matter your budget or the occasion.


Wolf Head Heart Earrings

Wolves were a powerful symbol in Viking culture, with the famous Fenrir representing the intense loyalty and inherent protective qualities of this noble creature. These silver wolf head heart earrings capture the true essence of this magnificent animal, with their intricate design and attention to detail. Made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, they feature two wolves in the shape of a heart, making them the perfect gift for a romantic date night or a loved one’s birthday.


Odin Raven Skull Pendant

Odin, the chief god of the Norse pantheon, was often depicted with two ravens perched on his shoulders - these birds, Huginn and Muninn, represented omniscience and served as his messengers in the mortal world. Inspired by this dark power, our Odin raven skull pendant captures the mystical side of Viking mythology. Made from high-quality zinc alloy, it’s easy to wear and perfect for any woman who has a strong affinity for the supernatural. What’s more, the pendant is available in both silver and gold, so you can base your color choice on the other jewelry pieces she already has in her collection.


Viking Valhalla Passport Cover

Whether the woman in your life is a frequent traveler, or you’re planning a surprise getaway, why not gift her a Viking Valhalla passport cover? This high-quality cover is made from soft, durable PU leather and features a striking Nordic-inspired design. It also fits a standard passport and has two inner pockets for storing additional travel documents, so it’s a great way to protect a valuable item while celebrating the adventurous spirit of Viking culture.


Tree of Life Heart-Shaped Necklace 

In Viking mythology, the tree of life was known as Yggdrasil and was said to connect the nine worlds of the Norse cosmos, so this heart-shaped tree of life necklace is perfect for a woman who loves nature and has a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. Not only does it capture the beauty and complexity of this symbol, but it also features a delicate tree design on a stunning semi-precious stone.


These four Viking gifts for her are sure to delight and inspire any woman who loves history, mythology and the natural world. From the fierce wolf heads to the mystical raven skulls, these unique gifts truly capture the spirit and essence of Viking culture. So, whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, anniversary present, or you just want to show your appreciation for a special woman in your life, these Viking-inspired gifts are the perfect choice.