Vali is the name of a god from Norse mythology, son of Odin and Rind. Like his half-brothers Baldr and Hodr, he survives Ragnarok. Loki and Sigyn also have a son named Vali.

Vali - Loki's Son

After Loki tricked the blind Hodr into shooting an arrow at Baldr, killing him, Loki was caught and put over three stones. His son with Sigyn, also named Vali, was turned into a wolf who tore apart his own brother Narfi, whose intestines were used to bind Loki to the stones. Njord's wife Skadi tied a snake over Loki so that its poison dripped down his face, while Sigyn held up a bowl under the snake's mouth to catch the poison. But when the bowl is full, she has to go outside each time and empty it, and meanwhile the venom drips down into Loki's face causing the earth to shake from his pain.


Vali - Odin's Son

But Baldr's death was not atoned for by Loki's punishment, since Hodr - through no fault of his own - had caused the killing. Every killing demanded revenge for the restoration of the honour and happiness of the lineage. The worst misfortune that could befall a lineage was precisely that one kinsman was to blame for the death of the other, since the lineage could not get redress from itself, nor could it kill one of its own; that would only increase the misfortune.

But the guilty one could not be tolerated in the family circle either, but had to be sent away as an outlaw. To get an avenger, Odin sought out the woman Rind. As a seer, he appeared in the form of a man, and by this trick fathered a son with her. He named the newborn Vali, like Loki's son with Sigyn. When the child was only night-old and not yet washed, he killed his half-brother Hodr and laid him on a fire.