Small Pewter Viking Cuff Bracelet

viking jewelry

A handmade pewter bracelet based on one made of silver, that was found in a hoard of Viking treasure in Galloway, Scotland in 2014.

Bracelets such as this had a dual purpose as personal decoration, and a convenient way of carrying cash.

  • Internal length 6.5" (16.5 cm), with a gap of 1.2" (3 cm).
  • Diameter at the widest point is 2.2" (5.7cm)
  • Weight approx. 2oz (55g).

This bracelet should be carefully sized to fit so that it can be taken on and off. Please do not over-bend as this may cause metal fatigue.

Part of our Elite series. Hand crafted from lead, nickel and cadmium-free pewter and produced by Viking jewelry craftsmen and specialists in the United Kingdom