Pewter Thor's Hammer Necklace With Glass Beads

viking jewelry

This is a faithful reproduction of an original Viking Mjolnir necklace found at Repton in the UK. The necklace was found buried alongside its owner who was probably part of the Great Heathen army that camped at Repton over the winter of 874, having already conquered Northumbria and Mercia. It was found hung around it's owners neck, complete with two glass beads.

Hand cast in pewter, the pendant weighs approx 0.1oz (2.5g) and its face measures approximately 0.9" (2.3cm) by 1.3" (3.3cm). Shipped complete with a length of waxed cord and two glass beads.

Part of our Elite series. Hand crafted from lead, nickel and cadmium-free pewter and hand finished by Viking jewelry craftsmen and specialists in the United Kingdom.