Pewter Helm of Awe Pendant

viking jewelry

In recent years "Aegishjalmr", the Helm of Awe, has become an iconic symbol tied into the magic of runes. However, the earliest depiction of this symbol was in the 17th Century Icelandic grimoire, Galdrabok.

The term "Aegishjalmr" is mentioned in the Volsung Saga, but with no description or explanation of what it is. Today it is believed to protect the wearer from harm.

This beautiful pendant features the Helm of Awe inscribed on a solid pewter pendant.

  • Supplied ready to wear with black waxed cord
  • Weight approx. 1.4 oz (40g)
  • Pendant Dimensions: 2.2" (55 mm) x 1.9" (47 mm)

Part of our Elite series. Hand crafted from lead, nickel and cadmium-free pewter and produced by Viking jewelry craftsmen and specialists in the United Kingdom.