Pewter and Enamel Helm of Awe Necklace

viking jewelry

The Helm of Awe, is a powerful, magical, Norse defensive protection symbol used as an amulet against physical or mental dangers. Originally, this stave would have been incised onto the front of a warrior's helmet, or drawn upon his forehead to confront his adversaries fearlessly.

This pewter necklace features a round disc with a raised or embossed Helm of Awe finished with a covering of smoked, transparent enamel glaze. Two traditional Viking dragon heads form the hanger for a supplied leather chain approximately 26" long.

Approximate Dimensions:
H: 40mm (1.57") W: 35mm (1.38") D: 5mm (0.20")

This pewter necklace is hand made in England by skilled craftsmen. The metal we use is classed as "Fine English Pewter". This means that the jewelry/giftware you buy from us does not contain Lead or Cadmium and is made from one of the highest grades of pewter you can get.