Bronze Thor's Hammer Viking Ring

viking jewelry

You know the power of Thor's Hammer symbol. The great deity of lightning and thunder had the most powerful protective weapon – the hammer being able to even mountains and to defeat the mightiest enemies in the world. This ring features the Thor's Hammer symbol and will guard you from evil eye and vice. In many legends Thor's Hammer is described as a faithful weapon serving only its master. 

 This beautiful bronze ring is made from top quality metal by skilled craftsmen and each item is made to order.  Available in US sizes 5-15

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin which will oxidize over time, turning a darker, more muted color. Avoid wearing in the shower or storing in a humid environment. 

Also all metals, including bronze can react to beauty and cleaning products. Avoid contact as much as possible with perfumes, hairsprays, lotions and household cleaners.

If you like a high shine, you may prefer using a commercial metal cleaner specifically formulated for bronze or brass.


Please note, these items are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to USA, Australia and most EU destinations.